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How To Franchise: Franchise Management

Franchise Management System regularly need an assessment of how its system is achieving goals and expectations of all stakeholders particularly the franchisees. Since franchise management course is relatively a new addition to the management set-up, there is a need to teach skills and constantly improve abilities to manage franchise relationships. There is no franchise management course available that prepares employees to be effective franchise relationships advocates.

What We Do:

• We have the tools to assess state of franchise organizations and these assessments can be used as tools to reinforce existing franchise management system.

• We can determine effect of support and assistance provided to franchisees, thus information can be used in the advancement of its franchise management group to the next level.

Our franchise consultants conduct meetings, seminars, and franchise systems orientation for franchisees and people in the franchise organization tailored fit to the franchisor’s circumstances.

How To Franchise: Business Growth

Every businessperson dreams of expanding his business. While there are various options to expansion, how to franchise a business has been acclaimed worldwide as the single most successful way to growth. Franchising opportunities have proven its success performance in the Philippines and worldwide.


What We Do:

    • • We proactively use franchise business principles to aggressively develop franchising opportunity concepts and franchise development plan from one or two stores to numerous stores within their area and throughout the country.


  • • GMB Franchise Developers is a group of franchise business consultants working in three (3) phases:

    #1 – With the client, we establish the franchise framework and franchise management system for the company in consideration with the uniqueness of the franchise business model and franchise management group, its systems, and its vision for growth and expansion. Thus, we evolve the company’s franchise management system that will be its tool to growth.

    #2 – We review the company’s operational system with the goal of coming up with an Operations Manual that franchisees can use in their respective branches.

    #3 – Our franchise consulting firms’ intervention and assistance only ends when a company has signed and awarded two (2) franchises. We mentor, coach, and provide franchise consulting to companies using the franchising processes and principles as they qualify their franchise applicants until the time that franchised branches are opened. This phase is an assurance that fees paid are indeed company’s investment.

How To Franchise: International Expansion

The company is of the firm belief that our homegrown franchise development plans and concepts can compete in the global market. We are relentless in stirring companies to look beyond country boundaries. Our testimonials to growth will prove that indeed homegrown companies and national franchise consulting firms can compete effectively in the global market, and come up with franchise development plan that sells.

What We Do:

  • • We work with companies review their local franchising experience and develop with them their International franchise management system.

  • • We have in place international service providers that companies can tap as they move into new countries and markets.

  • • Our company handles initial international franchise marketing and inquiries up to the time when companies have the confidence to deal with them.

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