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Tips on Empowering Franchisees for Growth

Providing adequate training in marketing to your franchisees will not only help them make a successful and a very profitable business but it will also be a reason for the whole franchise  to become successful by being able to have the right people that can help build your business with less stress and risks.

The core of any business is having the right marketing skills. Without it, a business may not able to thrive. That is why franchisors should be able to provide the right training in marketing because it will be a reason for other aspiring entrepreneurs to jump in to the business and take the opportunity to become part of its success.

Help Your Franchisees Grow the Business

When you have thought of having your business franchised, have you also thought that more than accepting their payment is that you have an obligation to help them on how to better market your brand?

Before you even try to take that step, allow yourself, as franchisors, to become fully aware on how you can expand the business. There are workshops that tackle about how to recruit more franchisees, spending their budget the right way, improving their own skills in franchise marketing, learn the latest techniques in recruitment, better understand how social media can support franchise recruitment and to help franchisees obtain more sales on their end.

Once you are able to figure all of these, you may be able to start up training for your new franchisees and focus on how you can help them succeed in the business.

1. Involve a third party expert for training. Never expect that your franchisees are expert in the field of marketing. Some may have just wanted to start with the business and carefully learn from it with your help. Franchisees expect that franchisors would give full support when it comes to marketing the franchise. The franchisor, being in the industry for quite some time may be able to provide valuable information on how to make things work but probably with the help of an expert to train the franchisees on how to handle the business better would be of greater help.
You may also want to hire a third party expert to train your own team that can eventually be the people to train future franchisees. This may mean added cost to the franchisor, but looking it in a different way, franchisees would definitely feel that they are given importance on how to properly manage the business.
Some of the downfalls of a franchised business are when a franchisor fails to meet everything that was written on the agreement. When a franchisee feel s that there is not much support from the franchisor even though how much he tries to reach out to the franchisor, it may be a reason to ask for a pre-termination of the agreement because to continue with the business that does not have a good marketing plan is just wasting time and money.

2. Encourage old franchisees to talk to new franchisees. The experience that they may have as they were starting may help boost the confidence of the new franchisees in making good with the business. It is like having first-hand information and proven techniques that can help new franchisees to get their feet going with the business.
Always encourage all your franchisees to talk to one another. There may be some effective means that a certain franchisee may have used that has boosted the sale of his franchise which can be helpful to other franchisees. There may be a set of rules of to follow with regards to doing the right marketing techniques, but still, certain things can happen that depends on every situation.

3. Never get stuck with what you have been accustomed to. There should always be a room to innovate. Making marketing ‘gimmicks” are what makes the business succeed. To be able to know which buttons to push that will surely make customers patronize your products/services as well as encourage prospects to take that step in wanting to be part of your business. Successful marketing techniques can be recognized by the number of franchisees of a business.

4. Encourage your franchisees to exercise due diligence. Let your franchisees take heed in making the right decisions when running the business. Maybe they have something in mind that they think can be helpful in boosting their sales. But before they even jump into that, they should let you know if it is truly something that can be possibly done without harming anything or anyone in the process.

Franchisor’s Responsibilities

As a franchisor, you are expected to provide the following:

• Give all the support with adequate and a continuous training for your franchisees. You should be able to provide answers to queries that will help franchisees with the business.

• Implement a system that can easily be adapted by your franchisees.

• Create new and update products according to what is in demand in the market.

• To maintain an overall brand reputation, awareness and development.

When you provide everything that has been mentioned above, you create trust among your franchisees which then reflects on the kind of service that your business provides to your customers. When a franchisor lives up to what is expected of him, more than increasing the number of customers is attracting a bigger opportunity for prospects to join the business to help it grow even more.

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