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The Future of Commerce Through Online Business By Armando O. Bartolome

Digital Technology has indeed influenced the way we live our lives and how we run our businesses. Traditional business set ups may have become almost to its extinction on how both businesses and its customers engage with one another.

Established businesses could not deny the fact that with the help of technology, this will help them increase their profits and so the business has more chances of extending into the next generations.

Here in the Philippines, as early as September, some houses have started putting up their Holiday decorations. Adding to that Christmas spirit are the Christmas songs played over the radio as well as the anticipation with the Christmas countdown.

Early Christmas shoppers would find their way to Bazaars and Tiangge during weekends. And why wouldn’t they take advantage of the time since gift items may be sold in discounted prices, most especially when purchased in bulk. But the question lies on how inviting are there Bazaars now when there are numerous Online Shops that has sprouted over the years? Will Online Shops completely take over the traditional shopping?

E-commerce may have been the choice of many. The convenience of just clicking on an item and proceed to payment may be the choice of shopping of those who are too busy to go to the malls. Unfortunately, for the customers at least, that they have developed the habit of just clicking anything they deem is important for them to purchase. Sadly, these items end up piling inside their closets. Lucky for the Online seller because no matter what season, for as long as she offers unique, trendy items coupled with a good quality of service and reasonable price, her online success will go to greater heights.

For one, Shopify, an E-Commerce platform, has been popular for it being user-friendly. It has attracted business owners to use it as a means to showcase their products using Word Press. Before, online business owners had to integrate their Word Press accounts from another source. That takes them to a hassle-free handling of business because customers can readily order- specify the size, color, quantity; choose a payment method then checkout for delivery. A few days after, the customer receives her item.

The only disadvantage of shopping online is that, not all online sellers may be legitimate sellers. They may post absolutely interesting items at a much lower price only to find out that these items won’t reach the customers. Or they might deliver poor quality goods. Extra caution should also be in mind when dealing with online sellers.

With every good thing comes the bad, as others would say. But with that, we must look more on the good things that the digital technology offers us.

So, why do business owners now choose to have an Online Business?

• Human Resource Evolution – this means that companies have started hiring people who work from home. This has a huge impact with regards to costs compared to hiring an employee working in the office but with increased productivity.

• Digital Innovation – The impact of social media greatly affects any kind of business. Through these, a company is able to reach out to more people than ever. It has been found to be an efficient way of getting through customers without the added cost of advertising compared to traditional advertising.
• Increase in Mobile Users – a study shows that there has been an increase of mobile users of the years to the extent of replacing the PCs as their means of accessing the internet. This means that customers are able to reach through different businesses in a click no matter where they are.

• Online Presence through a Website – not all would have considered putting up their own websites for fear that it may cost them so much. But in reality, the amount that you invest for a website may just be a small portion from your over-all earnings if you make your website inviting enough for customers to read through it, offer great products and services and if it is greatly shared to different social media sites. Websites are not just there to showcase your products and services but there could be software that can be integrated into it that can help the company in managing their business.

• Increase in Profits – with an online business, there is a chance of increasing your profits because you do not limit the number of hours to provide for your customers. Your product or services are always seen online 24/7.

• Flexibility – business owners has the capability to adjust the prices of what they offer depending on the volume that the customer is purchasing. When a business owner allows this, he increases his chance of gaining more customers because of the great customer service that he provides.

• Cost-effective – now, companies has the option to hire freelancers to work for them at a much lower cost than employees. And at the same time, they are able to outsource supplies they need in a much lowers cost because they have more options in looking for new suppliers.

• Increased Productivity – studies have shown that those who work at home are happier than those who work in the offices. Working at home may have contributed to a less stress-free environment and so one can get to do more things compared to those who work in the office.

There is absolutely endless ways of making it big online. It is just the matter on how you much you would like to explore, your willingness to try new things and have that solid commitment of making things happen.

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