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The Elements of Success of an Entrepreneur By Jenny Alano

(Business Mentor Notes: Jenny Alano is a graduate of Dental Medicine, a freelance writer and social media marketing coordinator. Being a mother has inspired to share her thoughts about her experiences throughout her journey in life. And with that she started writing more on inspirational and motivational posts to help others who needed someone to push them to become a better person. Her passion for writing has opened new doors and with this she hopes I can be able to reach out to more people…. her simple thoughts in words to linger in the minds of the readers.)

Going through a straight and narrow path may just be what everyone needs to become successful. The obstacles that go along the way are stepping stones and opportunities in disguise to prepare you for something great. When will you take heed? To fear and lose is inevitable. But to stand up and move forward should be the only goal

For an entrepreneur to become successful, he needs to have the qualities of a leader that foresees all the possibilities and takes in every opportunity to achieve his goals and aspirations in life, not just for himself, but for his family and for the whole community, as well.

Making The Difference
Men have different qualities which make them unique individuals. But with these differences, there are two distinct features that one may notice: being a leader or a follower.
• What makes up a leader depends on his interests and how he uses his creativity and critical judgment. While a follower may often just accept what is in front of him then move on to the next task. Oftentimes, a leader is thought to be a heartless person because of so many things that he wants to accomplish and that there seem to be no room for refusing a challenge. This all the more ignites his mind to think of how to get things done, no matter what it costs him. The ingenuity embedded in to the very core of his being may not be liked by his flowers because a follower would just rather be given a step by step instruction and needs reassurance each time.

• Follower may have lower self-esteem which makes them afraid to step up on his own. He does not push himself unless a leader would be there to guide him back on track. Leaders refuse to stop and be contented to what is at hand. Exploring the unknown is something that makes their mind work 24/7- fearless, motivated and responsible.
• The relentless leader pushes his team to reach a common goal which will all be beneficial for everyone without having to step on anyone’s shoe. A follower may need provoking before he can initiate a task.
The greatness in a leader is influenced by the so-called reflective intelligence wherein the brain is able to link unrelated information and turn them into creative innovations using their critical judgment, whereas, followers defy social interactions and would rather wait for something to give them a kick start.
The helpful and intelligent insight needs to be created and refined to a degree where the individual is actually disposed to utilize it inevitably, in his each activity and thought. Leaders have a characteristic demeanor to develop and expand such helpful and intelligent knowledge by, reflection on particular intuition techniques, looking for opportunities for sharing of their thoughts and ideals and upgrading physiological knowledge by not neglecting his health through physical training, eating a balanced meal, and live in favorable environment.
Apart from the reflective intelligence, emotional intelligence should also be high. It is the ability of a person to be connected to another person through mediation of responses of their own emotions. A leader may be all about giving positive results and actions but somehow, people see them differently – A COLD-HEARTED SOUL, whose only thing in mind is to do more or gain more with an endless aspiration. While there may be negative traits that others may see, these negative traits actually are their way of helping them evolve into someone much better.
Human emotions can be so powerful that it can make or break an individual. However, knowing which positive and negative emotions are is the key to progress.
• Being Content and Happy. Due to stiff competition, companies try to outdo one another. A good leader establishes a plan where he can provide better services. One may be greater than the other but this should not stop him from doing be better. Being envious of what others have achieved may be a sign of weakness and complete resignation. A good leader is happy with what others has achieved and focuses more on what he can offer than to always be in competition with others.
• Optimistic. Entrepreneurs should never lose hope. There are endless possibilities if one focuses on what needs to be done and what needs to be changed should there be obstacles along the way.
• Understanding. In reality, no leader is heartless as so many may have thought. They are driven by their passion to create something that is worthwhile and meaningful for the improvement of the company. As entrepreneur, he should not limit himself in trying to do new things. An innovative mind should be at hand. Some may not understand that the passion that runs through an entrepreneur’s blood takes a lot of patience and perseverance that is eager to come up with a positive result. If a plan has failed, there may be no show of remorse or resentment because this allows him to move forward and make something more meaningful and viable.

• Strong to face diversity. It is not impossible to be facing disappointments every now and then. No matter how much we try to make things perfect, we can only do so much. But to be totally discouraged because of the disappointments should not be among any list of an entrepreneur. Why? Because, just like any other struggle that we go through in life, we should see them in a different perspective and should serve as our means of improving ourselves. We come up with things that we sometimes are not sure if they would all turn positive, but we hope that they do. And if they don’t, there is always room for improvement.
• Driven by passion. Putting things into their right places is our initial goal. But again, there can be instances where things would work out differently. Should you worry? You shouldn’t. No matter how much worrying you do, things won’ go back to what they used to be. Why worry sick when you can move on and do things better? It can only drain you of your energy if you sulk in a corner thinking endlessly of what has happened. Our minds are so powerful that if we allow ourselves to go into that hole of unending torment, what do you think can happen next?

Building The Character
To be able to start your way on building your dream, you need to prepare yourself on the challenges that will go along with it. Be the person that your family can be proud of not only because of your success in business but because you have outdone yourself in becoming the grounded person you need to be.
• An entrepreneur should be physically, psychologically and emotionally strong. Not literally having the superpowers of Superman or Thor, but an entrepreneur should have the qualities of a good leader that can help inspire and motivate individuals so that the community may become better. The leadership qualities may be innate but to build a character that is acceptable to everyone should also focus on its relationships not only to the people that he works with but most importantly with the family who should be the pillar of strength of every individual.

• Know your priorities. You as an entrepreneur might be too focused on becoming successful with what you have started that you might have spent more time outside of your homes helping other people while your own family is suffering. The goal to become successful in any field is by knowing what to prioritize. We all need to live and in order to live we need to find ways on how we can put food on the table. We want to focus on becoming successful because what we have in mind is for the future of the family especially the children. But being too busy should not be an excuse to have a quality time with your family.
• Knowing the value of time. Every second that pass, we may never get it back. So why waste time? A person can never be successful if one part of his life is missing. We get so many opportunities to improve ourselves which could help elevate our status in life. What we are today is brought about how we were in the past. But a past with negative memories should not hinder us to be achievers in life. A man’s success is measured with how he has lived his life, how he affected other people’s life and how he has valued life itself.

Realizing The Dream
There are a few things that you need to ask yourself – How do you see yourself in the future with what you have in mind now? Will it make you a better person and affect others in a positive way? Are you willing to go through different circumstances to achieve your goal?
• You must first be specific with the goal you have in mind. To help you with it, think of something that inspires you to take that specific action and write it down. Whatever you have written should be your driving force to help you achieve your goal. Make a mental picture of your goal and see how you would be if you were on that situation. Will it be beneficial? Will it take you to take a further step?
• After seeing a vivid mental image of that possibility, it is now time to take action to start making things happen. Again, be aware of the possible consequences and prepare on how you can get through them. Make an alternative action plan. There should be no stopping you from what you want to achieve. Take steps in achieving what you want. Surely enough it is impossible to make things happen in just one day. Be patient and wait for the results that you want. Remember that HASTE MAKES WASTE. The people that work for you are your companions to success. Treat them the way you wanted to be treated. Compliment employees that make a step in helping you carry out your plans. Building a good relationship among your employees is a good sign for positive results.
• Having said all that, how close do you think are you towards your goal? Little did you know that during the process, taking a hit and miss on several actions, you are just a few more steps away from your goal. But now see yourself being on that position where you want to be. It’s only in the matter of perspective on how you can truly be satisfied with what you have accomplished so far.
Reaching your dream is not impossible if you just follow through those simple steps. Just don’t be in a hurry because skipping a step would never shorten the process. Make your plan as concise and specific as possible. The dream you may have just thought about is just within reach. It takes a little time but it’ll always be worth the wait.
Your dreams become a reality when you take action instead of just letting it remain in your head. When you put action on the things that you need to be done, you help yourself become a better version of you. You let yourself grow and eventually help yourself climb up towards the pinnacle of success.

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