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Business Opportunities You Can Start Anytime By Armando O. Bartolome

We all need to find ways on how we could make both ends meet. However, not everyone has the resources to start up with a business. What does one do to cope up with life?

We must admit that solely relying on our jobs may not be enough to meet the needs of a growing family. What makes it more difficult may be that only one spouse is working for the family. And one way on how we can ease the burden is to look for other opportunities from which we can earn.

a. Online Jobs

Most stay at home moms have taken this opportunity in helping with their family’s needs. Online jobs have actually become a choice because of the convenience of working at home. Some countries started with outsourcing primarily because:

• it lowers operational and labor cost

• the company is able to focus more on their core business processes

• gain leverage in knowing the global market

b. Blogging

This may have started to be just as a hobby, but can become a good business opportunity. Blogging was then just a form of expressing oneself, an online diary which is shared among the virtual audience. But as years went by, bloggers saw the opportunity of being able to earn by incorporating banner ads into their site. Apart from this, companies would offer them something in exchange for a (good) review. Some bloggers just stick to a specific niche, but others may offer to write about anything.
Can the blogger sustain the family’s needs? A good PR ranking would mean that the site has many followers, thus there is a bigger opportunity for the blogger to be known by different companies and be offered a reasonable amount for their services.

c. Freelance Writing

Blogging may just be concentrated on one’s thoughts but with freelance writing, you take job opportunities by doing research, writing articles, e-book writing and other writing jobs which a company may designate outside from their office. All you need is a good computer and a reliable internet connection. It is pretty much like doing office jobs but at the convenience of doing it in your own home.

d. Social Media Expert

We know how much social media has affected the growth of businesses nowadays. Unfortunately, companies may not have dedicated employees to do that for them. They hire people outside from their companies to take charge in increasing their online visibility by continuously updating their virtual audience/customers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Companies do offer a reasonable amount for this job that this has also been one of the common online jobs.

e. Event Coordinator

Putting an event or a party may be a tedious task. Instead of being able to focus on the event itself, there is so much work to do and there is a need to call different people just to make an event happen. How hard could it be to get in touch with suppliers in behalf of a client? All you need is to have a list of suppliers that will be needed for a particular event and coordinate with the client on how he/she would want the event look like. The rates differ according to how much coordination is needed.

f. Catering Service

If you love to cook, then by all means, start a catering service to your advantage. You may want to start with just asking your friends to avail your services if they have any special occasions coming up. This will definitely lessen their worries on the day of the event and just be able to focus on their guests.

g. Fashion Stylist

Stylists help create an image that an individual would want to present to the community. He/She helps create a distinct brand and a strong professional image by aligning the inner image to the outer image of the individual. This is a good business opportunity especially for those who are really into fashion and wants to travel.

h. Meal-to-go Service

Sometimes, starting this small business can be a start of a bigger opportunity. If you are also into cooking, finding a means of having a regular incoming by offering to different offices their snacks or lunch. Offices do have their own canteens however sometimes the food can be a bit more expensive. One way of providing a solution to the needs of the employees is by offering them cooked food to be delivered in time for their break.

i. Online Business (as a Middle Man)

When you think of having an online business, you would think that you need to enough funds to buy for the things that you need to sell. However, there is one kind of online business that all you would need is to know suppliers and be constantly online to be able to promote and talk to customers inquiring about your products or services. You really do not need to spend doing this because all you do is to talk to people and make sure that you are able to meet what the customers need by also making sure that quality products and superb services are provided by your supplier.

j. Proofreading and Editing

If you have a strong command of the English language and has exceptional skills in grammar, then this one is for you. The rate depends on the kind of materials being edited. Some would charge as low as Php150/page.

k. Health and Wellness with a Small Business To Start

It may be worthwhile to look into this growing business, which was started by two close buddies since high school couple of years ago. Combining whatever money they got, they now have a thriving combination of Health, Wellness and a snack mobile. There are now over 900 branches nationwide. Checkout the FB Page @SiomaiKingBySarahtY JC Premiere By Sarah Ty. Numerous people from all walks of life have discovered their dreams come true for a good life.

These are just few business ideas, which can help you to earn extra outside from your regular jobs. One needs to maintain an open mind and discover what lies beneath an opportunity. It is often said that Opportunities may not knock twice. But if you make good at it, you may even earn more from this than your nine to five job. What can be more rewarding is that it is tax-free! Welcome 2017!

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